RateGain Travel Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Established : 2004

Employees : 500+

HQ : Noida, India

Offices : London, USA, Spain, Thailand, Colombia, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Portugal

Website: www.rategain.com

The IE20 business programme was a great networking platform….we got to interact with leaders from various industries… showcase our capabilities, explore opportunities for collaborations and partnerships… build new relationships and expand globally 

– Sameer Sinha, Global Sales Head, RateGain

RateGain, a leader in hospitality and travel technology solutions and the fastest growing SaaS Company in India, applied successfully to the inaugural India Emerging Twenty (IE20) in 2015. The company provides cloud based solutions for revenue management, rate intelligence, electronic distribution and brand engagement, to hotels, airlines, online travel agencies, car rental companies, cruise liners and tour/wholesale operators.

Having already received numerous accolades for their work, RateGain was attracted to IE20 because of organiser London & Partners’ expertise on setting up and growing businesses globally and the opportunity to set themselves apart from competitors.

Hosting the IE20 business programme in London was an ideal location for RateGain due to it being an attractive place to do business, a hub for hospitality industry events and and meet high profile decision makers.

Since participating as a winner of the first IE20, RateGain have established strategic global partnerships across leading hospitality markets and unveiled the latest version of their Hotel Manager software.

RateGain on IE20:
Trust us, it’s fun and gives your organisation great exposure and time to hob nob with other upcoming leaders.